Quiet Wisdom in Loud Times: The Rise of the Wounded Feminine can be thought of as a must read for anyone interested in the feminist movement and how much wonderful good has been brought to humanity to date by feminism, and  leads the reader into thinking about “what’s next”.

To all male readers, you will hear her saying it’s not ALL your fault, we all are “like a school of fish in the waters” and that “Patriarchal power is in the air we breathe …” Her message: We are in this mess together, and only together will we get out of it.

From the perspective of human development with the focus on positive human potential what she is proposing is exactly “right on” in terms of what needs to happen for humanity to rise to an integrated and fully equated sex and gender level of psychic  functioning. She most of all reminds us that we live in critical times and that what we are doing now will greatly impact our great, great grandchildren. We can see through her eyes how this imbalance at this time in human history is leading us to the age of catastrophe. It is a truism of human development that any system that gets “way out of balance with systems of feedback behind the curve” will self-destruct.

From the view of this man, her call to give life to the wounded feminine rising that I might heal, gave me a pause to reflect on how and what I need to do in support of the wounded masculine rising in me.  What world might come about when women are in animus balance and men in anima balance? I suggest that will be Patriarchy Transformed and with that the Age of Peace can be upon us.

Her message, “Wake Up”.

JanStephen Cavanaugh, Ph.D.
Global Human Development, Inc.


Quiet Wisdom in Loud Times Copyright © 2014 by Kathleen Curzie Gajdos. All Rights Reserved.

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